Winners of Niitvälja Cup XXII by Mandatum Life now revealed

« Takaisin 14.07.2014

The third day of the competition, the finals, started equally between two Finnish Nordcenter GCC golfers and a young man from the Niitvälja Golf Club, Carl Enn Hellat. By the end of the competition day, first place was achieved by a Finn, Casper Simberg, who made three birdies, with the final result of 75 strokes or +10, beating Dominic Jones (+16) and Carl Hellat (+18) by far. The next best Estonian was Taavi Viirpalu from the Niitvälja Golf Club with a result of +22.

The competition between the top three pros was very even. The final results were formed at the last green, where pro Toni Karjalainen played a definite par, ensuring himself first place in the Pro category and the prize of €3000 with a result of +12. The British heritage Adam Sagar from Spain won second place and the €2000 prize money with +13. Third place with +14 went to Arturs Krukovs from the Ozo Golf Club, a Friendship Club of the Niitvälja Golf Club. The best Estonian pros – Martin Toom from Niitvälja and Gert Velsberg from Saare Golf – shared 5th and 6th places.

The winner, Toni Karjalainen, thanked the organisers at the prize ceremony and highlighted the course and its good condition, and emphasised that it was a really good championship-type course. He promised to participate next year as well and promised that then there would be many more professional Finnish golfers competing here.

The best woman was Merlin Palm from the Estonian Golf & Country Club with +28, beating runner-up Mari Hütsi with only one stroke. In the male senior category, the leading position was held for all three days by Sulev Kodu, who finished the competition with +37, beating runner-up Raivo Velbsberg by 4 strokes.

Results of Niitvälja Cup XXII by Mandatum Life


1. Casper Simberg (Finland, Nordcenter GCC) +10 (78, 73, 75)

2. Dominic Jones (Finland, Nordcenter GCC) +16 (73/77/82)

3. Carl Enn Hellat (Estonia, Niitvälja Golf / Finland, Nordcenter GCC)+18 (82/73/79)



1. Merlin Palm (Estonia, Estonian Golf & Country Club) +28 (84/82/78)

2. Mari Hütsi (Estonia, Niitvälja Golf) +29 (84/80/81)

3. Annika Meos (Estonia, Niitvälja Golf) +33 (85/85/79)


Male Seniors

1. Sulev Kodu (Estonia, Niitvälja Golf) + 37 (83, 83, 87)

2. Raivo Velsberg (Estonia, Niitvälja Golf) +41 (86/86/85)

3. Jüri Petter (Estonia, Niitvälja Golf) +42 (89/83/86)



Toni Karjalainen (Finland, Kemiola Golf) +12 (75, 75, 78)

Adam Sagar (Spain, San Roque Golf Club) +13 (77, 72, 80)

Arturs Krukovs (Latvia, Ozo Golf Club) +14 (77, 77, 76)

The final leaderboard is found HERE.

The gallery of the tournament by Mats Soomre is found HERE.

The Niitvälja Cup XXII by Mandatum Life golf tournament is included in the calendar of competitions of the European Golf Association and the World Amateur Golf Ranking list of tournaments in which the competing players get global ranking points.


Mandatum Life, Saku, Kalev, Lahe Roos, Prike and Fysiopark contributed to the organisation of Niitvälja Cup XXII by Mandatum Life.