Niitvälja Karikas by Mandatum Life

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At this weekend, we host XXIII Niitvälja Cup by Mandatum Life – the oldest competition in the Baltic Countries. We have 144 participants from 11 countries, including 26 pro´s, who will start the chase for the prize fund of 10 000 euros. The tournament could be followed by livescoring and here will be a live broadcast of the event in Delfi TV on Friday and Sunday.

Friday’s tee-times have been made public and you can find them from this link  Saturday’s tee-times will mirror those of Friday in a reversed order inside of the groups. Meaning that ladies will still tee-off first, followed by senior men and then by men and PRO’s. Just the order inside one group is reveresed so men’s first flight on Friday will be men’s last flight on Saturday. Saturdays tee-times will be made public 16:00 on Friday.