The mission of Niitvälja Golf is to add positive emotions to life.

The vision of Niitvälja Golf is to be the most popular golf centre in Estonia and the best environment for social, healthy and sporting activities for everyone.

The values that we follow are:


Niitvälja Golf is the oldest golf club and centre in Estonia, which is a status that comes with responsibility. We are the example and the pioneers in the development of Estonian golf.


Niitvälja Golf does not compromise on the maintenance of the course or the excellence of the golfing experience. We always try to provide first class service.

Interests of players

Niitvälja Golf considers the actual needs of players in planning its activities. We try to guarantee the longest possible golfing season and offer competitions for players of all levels and interests.


Niitvälja is the home of Estonian golf. It welcomes everyone who loves the sport. Our goal is to create a diverse and stress-free golfing environment for professionals and beginners – children and adults alike. Honest feedback is always appreciated and good thoughts are always considered.